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I trust that some of our M.P.'s, who may have to draw attention in lowest the House to the Department, will not pass over this fact.

In this way the shortening of the limb is sufficiently accounted for: er. The result of the first plan w-as the the development in the lungs of yellow lumps which rapidly coalesced and converted the lung into a cheesy-like mass. His right forefiirger is about half an inch shortened, and presents a deep, puckered scar adherent to bone on its disorder outer side over the middle phalanx. In this position the limb is to be made to take a circular sweep, outwards or iawards, as the drug case may require, and to be suddenly e.xtended, by which it With.Vpril appeared a new quarterly dedicated to diseases of the skin and edited by Erasmus Wilson. Upon acid her arrival she measured forty inches in circumference below the navel. That, test I dare Bay, is a very great improvement. Can - when I saw him the right eye was irreparably injured; under the most careful treatment it was impossible to prevent sloughing of the cornea, staphyloma, and subsequent wasting of the globe.

The changes in the brain substance and meninges are those so ofteo described bipolar under chronic alcoholism.

In dose Hood's Whims and Oddities the title is" Mary's Ghost." Gibson wrongly entitles it the"Invisible Girl." I have given the original text, which differs slightly from Gibson's, and I add, also, Hood's original wood-cut. From a number of animal experiments the conclusion is drawn that both aniline and dinitrobenzol produce meth?emoglobin and haemolysis, and that the condition in workers in these substances corresponds to those in animals artificially poisoned, but is on a smaller scale (effects).


The mind of man was, in fact, in perpetual movement, and this motion resulted onty in unfettered imagination when the ordinary exercise of control was suspended or diverted: action. She has lost many a learned and brilliant and exponent of our art in the past, but the ranks are always replenished. Kot a single recovery took place in the forty-seven cases statistically reported by Lewis; only level ten recovered of forty-nine reported by Yolz, while Bamberger lost but ten out of thirty cases of abscess in the ilio-csecal region, under his treatment. Addiction to drugs and withdrawal the excessive use of alcohol, unfortunately, figure somewhat prominently among the causes of early death among physicians.

In the trace under our notice we see the experience of these observers confirmed by the record of an dosage unerring instrument; we see the phenomenon which they vaguelv feit telling its own tale in no uncertain lines. An important question in this discussion, however, is why a diagnosis of secondary side carcinomatosis of the nervous system was not made. Now every tyro in medicine makes such applications to the larynx as what a routine procedure in cases requiring it, and similar methods have been applied by the ophthalmoscope to examine the interior of the eye; the rhinoscope, to examine the interior of the nose; the otoscope, for examination of the ear, and other similar instruments for examining all the other hollow organs in the body. On - the alkalies were precipitated as platinum double salts, but after long washing no other lines than those of potassium could be detected. Beneficial results doubtless follow such ingestion, for mg there seems an instinctive craving for the materials of the kind just mentioned. In surveying this table, it may be thouglit that the number shown for to be admitted at the beginning is little commensurate with the previous outline of the ejjidemic. To reach the part of the second branch which supplies the roof of the mouth and the roots of the rear teeth, it is sometimes necessary to inject into the ganglion sphenopalatinum, a procedure which he has ventured only lately, as he was afraid of the entrance of the alcohol through the outer fissure into the orbita, with its possible disastrous results on the eye muscles generic or even the optic nerve. The chronic phenomena, headache, sleeplessness, stupor, loss of memory, melancholia, and mania, etc., are probably dependent upon the deposit of lead in the brain: class. The operation lasted one hour, and three times during that period a name few whiffs of chloroform had to be given. Happily such death-rates can is never again be seen, at least in civilized warfare. Although, in a strictly Professional point of view, it afibrds little or nothing of great value vs to our readers, they the third of a series of corresponding works, the others being the Dictionnaire General de Biographie et d' Histoire, comprising also mythology, geography, antiquities, and institutions, and the Dictionnaire General des Lettres, des Beaux-Arts et des Sciences Morales et Politiques, Although the Dictionartj of Science, Literature, and Art, Messrs. Is operative treatment indicated, and if so, of what form of operation is best? Resection of the tuberculous focus is dangerous on account of harnorrhage, and uncertain as to removal of the entire disease.