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Usability Testing

(You need the Firefox browser for this test - if you don't you can quit now and go for a coffee/beer. If you're still keen it's easy to download and install, and is way better than IE...

Hello, and thanks for taking part :) This is a short and simple usability test. The idea is to pretend you are a postgraduate student looking for information on the University of Edinburgh website, specifically in the College of Humanities and Social Science. You select a task from the list and record your actions using a toolbar plugin.

Completing one task should take around 15-20 mins; you can complete 3 from the 6 listed (remember to start from step 1 in RECORDING for additional tasks). I'm donating £1.50 for each data set received (+ £0.50 for additional sets) to the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh (will post scan of cheque here + on Facebook page at end of project).

Okay, let's get started...



  • 1. ‘Deja Click’ toolbar should be displaying at top of browser window [activate it in Firefox’s ‘View’ tab if not] – click the blue ‘Power On’ icon at left.
  • 2. First choose a task from the TASK list at the bottom of this page
  • 3. Click round red ‘Record’ icon on ‘Deja Click’ toolbar
  • 4. Open a new tab and enter in the Address bar
  • 5. Navigate through site in a normal fashion until chosen task is completed or you get annoyed/bored
  • 6. Click square green ‘Stop’ icon on the ‘Deja Click’ toolbar
  • 7. Click ‘OK’ on ‘Recording Complete!’dialog box
  • 8. Write down any result (amount, date etc)


  • 1. Click ‘Save recording as script’ icon on toolbar (3rd from left)
  • 2. Save in a handy folder (the default option is inside the Deja Click program but you can save in Desktop or My Documents [up about 7 levels]).
  • 3. Save as the task name and your initial and 2nd name (e.g. fees_jsmith.xml )
  • 4. Email me at and include:
    • the .xml file as an attachment
    • any result you got (e.g. fee amount, course number, date etc.)
    • Whether you have used the UoE site before or not
  • 6. If you have time please add some short comments - negative or positive - on:
    • The site layout - is it clear or confusing?
    • Navigation - could you find pages easily?
    • Any information you felt was missing
  •    A beer for outstanding feedback if you live locally :)

That's it - all done!


You are Canadian – what yearly fee do you pay for a full-time Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2010-11?

You are a Brazilian undergraduate – what level of degree do you need to qualify for a Masters scholarship?

What email address should you contact for inquiries about Postgraduate courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences College?

You’re sending a tuition fee cheque from Singapore – what number can you ring to find the address to send it to?

How many Research degree courses are available in History of Art?

How many Postgraduate Taught MSc courses are available in Celtic and Scottish Studies?


If you have any trouble with any of the above steps please email me at do.ed.uni@gmail

Thanks very much for your participation!