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why hire us?

In the face of the current economic crisis establishing a unique and credible web presence is particularly important for small and medium businesses. We offer individual consultation to come up with an eye-catching design, sharp copy and the most up-to-date standards-compliant technology. We also design sites that give you easy control over content updates and style without the expense or complexity of setting up a large CMS package.

fresh designs

Our solutions are always tailor-made and we take time to fully understand your business requirements. We never resort to pre-made templates and are confident we can provide a completely fresh design every time. Because we can cut our overheads by working from home our rates remain very competitive while still providing a design that will stand out from rest of the field. You can have a look at two of our recent projects on the examples page.

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how do we work?

The way we work is simple: following the initial requirements gathering — most likely in a nice cafe with good coffee if you're local — we draft an initial brief and design for you to appraise. From then on the dialogue will be frequent and informal — there is also the option to use the new ProofHQ service to track and review progress on your project. We follow established web-development methodologies and can vouch for our professionalism.

a website that your audience will read

We can also help with providing clear and concise copy for your website to ensure it reaches your target audience, and set up tracking and analytics for your site so you can easily stay up to date on visitor statistics, the search keywords they use and much more.

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take the plunge!

Increase the visibility of your business today — take the plunge and speak to us! An initial consultation is free: if you already have a site and think it needs upgrading, we can give you a free appraisal, or for a small fee a more in-depth analysis. You can get in touch with us through the email/phone number below, or use the contact form.