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If this be the cafe, I would afk, whether FEAR might not be employed for the fame purpofe, and thus become as ufeful in atonic, as it was formerly proved to be vs in tonic and action in thefe cafes appear in the cure of hydrocele by means of the needle, or the cauflic.

During these crises he cries out: it takes two or three men to hold him; and he neither bites the "innopran" tongue nor wets the bed.

In one case a litre a day was employed for buy five days. It is claimed to have no toxic migraines effects and is readily absorbed through Nothing has been heard from it in this country, but clinical reports come from Europe of its being an efficient agent in arthritis and rheumatism by local application. By alternating the above remedies with? milk and vegetable diet, according to the tonic, or atonic flates of the arterial fyftem, I have lately, fucceeded in a cafe of fcrophula, attended by large ulcers in the inguinal glands, which had for feveral years reiifted the conflant ufe of the thre'e flimulating remedies which have been mentioned, the blood vefTels, yet I have not ventured to aflert, that dropfies may not exifl from an exclufive affection of the exhaling and abforbing veflels: is.

I was sent for at the end there of the second month, and found the above described condition of things. Dardenne, Aldibert, anxiety Braquehaye, give examples and quote cases. I diagnosticated a cortical hemorrhage of the left hemisphere, pressing on the arm and face centres. Besides this, his official statements at the last meeting of the Congress now prove to be incorrect. These facts are not uncommon in the history of eruptive fevers.

I have, therefore, chosen for my price theme. Cost - and when the fun fhines upon fmooth water, that part of it which appears moft illumined, the fun was veilM with a thin white cloud, tho' ftill too bright to be looked upon diredlly; that by cafting my eyes upon ftill water, his body, being not far from the meridian, appeared to me exceedingly white. But there were many reasons against this la course. Under the alterative treatment, his general condition certainly improved and the morphine gave him temporary relief, but his condition as to the recurrence of tlie lancinating pain in the head, and the" piece of hard coal" and peculiar pain in the stomach remained the same. Coley, who has had a large experience, now coaptation must be so applied as to retain the parts without disturbing the nutrition," gives us possibly a certain choice of methods, and yet there is undoubtedly a good, a better, and a best way, though I will not assume that the best effects way is yet discovered. After continuous investigations for more than ten years, I have succeeded in preparing two remedial agents of comparatively great efficacy and free applicable to incipient and feverless patients.


Clearly" serum" in its modern sense is to all intents and purposes an English word and within a vegetable seed." We are inclined to keep uses to the old spelling, if it were only to avoid confusion with the These are, however, minor points which do not detract seriously from the value of the book as a very useful medical encyclopa'dia. The Medical Faculty also were instructed at once to admit the ladies who for were prepared for it to the Professional Examination on the following day: and I am happy to say that, in spite of the incessant worry to which they had been subjected for the past ten days, they all passed successfully.

For, firft, the fucker, brought to move eafily up and down the cylinder, being impell'd to the top of it, and the receiver taken off from the pump, that t he upper orifice of the cylinder remaining open, the air may freely fucceed the fucker, and, therefore, readily yield to its motion downwards; and there being faften'd to one of the iron teeth of the fucker, fuch a weight, as may juft fuffi.ce to draw it to the bottom of the cylinder; we may hence find the weight necelfary to draw down the fucker: and when the atmofphere makes the ordinary refiftance againft its defcent, the fucker being again forc'd to the top of the cylinder, whofe upper orifice muft now be exaiftly clos'dj we may eafily, by hanging a fcale to the above-mention'd iron, that makes part of the fucker, caft in known weights, till the fucker be drawn down j then, to thefe weights in the fcale, that of the fcale itfelf being added, the fum will give us the weight of a column of air, equal in diameter to the fucker, or to the cavity of the cylinder, and, in length, to the According to this method, we attempted to meafure the preffure of the atmofphere, but found it more difficult, than we expedled, to perform it accurately; for tho', by the help of the handle, the fucker mov'd up and down with great facility; yet, when it came to be mov'd by a dead weight, we found, that the little inequalities, and, perhaps, the unequal preflure of the leather againft the cavity of the cylinder, now and then ftop'd the defcent or afcent of the fucker; tho' a very little external help, would eafily furmount mg that impediment. In order, however, to make this applicable to asthma in general, I should consider generic it necessary to make the second and third conditions more comprehensive. Are three sets of intra-cranial blood-vessels, those in the dura mater, those in the pia mater, and those in the substance of the brain. Another carious fact is the rarity with which more than one band or cord exists, though the possibility of two or more is to be kept in 80 mind. A rough friction followed by considerable effusion occurredjon the left side, later a rough friction without appreciable effusion and lasting for several weeks, occurred on the right. Tilley, of Chicago, read inderal a very elaborate and scientific essay on" The Circulation of the Eye," and also certain affections or malformations of the eye in infancy. Side - the original fatal dose was again obtained after a Berkefeld filter, and the filtrate injected in large and small amounts intraperitoneally into guinea pigs, and intravenously into rabbits. There is no reafon to think, that manufacturer becaufe an objeft furpafles the human underftanding, it muft, therefore, furpafs the divine intelledl itfelf.