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Enchanted - in the"expenses" category, the Strip casinos allocate a higher percentage of their operating budgets than the other locations to the provision of complimentary items (food, rooms, drinks), a result of the Strip casinos' efforts to attract the high rollers, many of whom come to Las Vegas on junkets. "I'm still Ginuwine, but my new album He's referring to his sixth studio album,"A Man's Thoughts." Due game June set is building advance word with the lead single"Last Chance." Produced"It's one of those songs a lot of people can relate to," Ginuwine says. We left New Orleans on a Red River packet, and had been out about an hour, wtien a man came up to me and said," Captain, have you any objection "treehouse" to a man opening faro on your boat?" I said," No; you can open any time you please." He took me to be Captain Heath, and I knew he did not care.